jordan bertaJordan Berta

Jordan Berta is a passionate communicator who has dealt with a life-time struggle with anxiety.

On his own on-going journey of becoming mentally well, Jordan has encountered many people who share similar struggles and incredible stories that, for many reasons, have gone unspoken. The Unspoken Conversation is the product of his vision to expand the discussion about mental health, faith, community and the arts. Each week Jordan and his guests discuss issues related to mental health, and people share their stories and struggles in an authentic way, all with the goal of encouraging people in pursuit of health and wellness.

Jordan is a consummate networker and traveler, placing a high priority on family and friends.  When he’s not catching up with people or putting more miles on his car, you’ll find him singing and writing at home in his study. Jordan has been interviewed and spoken on a variety of platforms.  It’s possible there are a few pastors and church leaders out there that he still hasn’t met, but we doubt it.

In November 2016, Jordan released his first single Hope Says Wait.



sathiya sam

Sathiya Sam

Sathiya Sam is a self-taught musician, worship leader, pastor and speaker. He also serves as a Contributor for The Unspoken Conversation.

Following his best friend’s suicide at age fourteen, Sathiya developed a passion for helping people with their mental health. His light-hearted yet wise demeanour has allowed him to cultivate great friendships and is a well respected influencer in his community.

In 2015, Sathiya released his debut worship album “Deeper” which features deeply personal songs that come from a place of faith. In 2018, he released a single “Give You My Heart” that talks about the power of surrender.

His compelling story was featured on the 700 Club Canada.




Joel Puddicombe

Joel Puddicombe is a visual artist, speaker, musician and student based in St. Catharines, Ontario. He also serves as a Contributor for The Unspoken Conversation.

Being the middle child of a pastor couple with the Salvation Army caused Joel to live in many different communities and be able to connect with people very well. As a teenager he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which has been a root cause of his anxiety and depression.

Joel has proven that while the challenges of life don’t go away, it is possible to move past them in pursuit of a thriving life. This has led him to be passionate about inspiring others in their own personal growth.