Often times stigma is caused by a lack of knowledge of the facts, so our goal is to equip people with the facts, thus empowering them to grow in empathy…

(1) One in Five Canadians will encounter a Mental Struggle or Disorder THIS YEAR.

(2) Therefore everyone knows someone. 

(3) Due to lack of awareness and fear of judgement many people go un-diagnosed.

(4) All people need to have the opportunity to give and receive love.

(5) People want to be able to help their loved ones.

(6) As the person struggling you may have to tell them how to help you.

(7) There are many ways to be involved in people’s lives.

(8) Sometimes all you have to do is listen.

(9) 83.5% of people are willing to share their story if you go first.


It also helps to understand terms, when listening to The Unspoken Conversation we speak with the following terms and definitions…

Mental Health

the sum of your mental experience both positive and negative.

Mental Struggle

seasons and situations in life that we all we all deal with from time to time.

Mental Disorder

something that has been diagnosed by a medical professional.

Mental Wellness

a positive phycological and emotional state that allows for self awareness, acceptance and participation in community.