Episode 65

How is your relationship with yourself? This is a question rarely asked but critically important. The Bible says to love your neighbour as yourself and that begs the question, what if I don’t love myself? To start off Episode 65, Sathiya Sam teaches us about self esteem.

Then later, Jordan introduces a new team member to The Unspoken Conversation, Dr. Andrew Blackwood. Known by many as Coach Drew, he is a therapist, speaker and author. Coach Drew shares his life story and talks with Jordan about some upcoming partnerships.

Jordan then follows up with a teaching on 3 potential self relationships: Self Loathing, Self Lust and Self Love.

Episode 64

We have all had people in our lives that say foolish things. At times words (even said innocently) can hurt us very deeply. In Episode 64 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Joel talk about some of the most common foolish things that people say around Mental Struggle.

To start off the program, Dr. Merry helps us find productive ways to work through trauma.

Infinitely More joins us again to share their song “Through the Dark” and more music and information can be found at infinitelymore.ca

To conclude the episode, Jordan and Joel discuss how embracing your process and correcting the false statements with grace.

Episode 63

To start of Episode 63, Jordan speaks with Brenda Drost to review the Community Leaders Series. If you haven’t heard it yet go to TheUnspokenConversation.ca/CLS

Jordan and Joel then welcome Rylee Mori (a local artist and instructor) to talk about the power of visual arts.

Be sure to check out…
…for inspiring art and upcoming events

Sathiya then starts off a conversation about the power of Vulnerability that is followed up by Jordan and Joel who provide some helpful tips as to how to open up…

1. Find trustworthy people
2. Don’t be afraid to get hurt
3. Start with small and simple truths
4. Be willing to give what you ask from others
5. Don’t abuse someone’s vulnerability

Episode 62

Have you ever wanted more in life? Well we all have in one way or another and today’s guest, Amy Simpson, Author of “Blessed are the Unsatisfied” talks about how that can be a good thing in our life and Mental Health Story. Check out AmySimpson.com for more information about her or this great book.

As part of today’s interview, Sathiya Sam shares his song “Deeper” the title track of his debut album.

Are you someone that people come to for advice? Teacher. Pastor. Peer Mentor. Work Supervisor. Ever feel overwhelmed with the needs that come your way? Not sure if you should refer to professional counselling or medical help?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are invited to join us for the 5-part Community Leaders Series presented by Jordan Berta and Brenda Drost. They will draw from their collective years of experience on the platform and at the coffee shop having open and honest conversations with people from all walks of life.

Join us for the series release DAILY from May 7th – 11th at TheUnspokenConversation.ca/CLS

Episode 60

Have you ever experienced something that you should not have survived? How did you respond?

In Episode 60 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan speaks with Canadian duet Infinitely More (Allison Lynn and Gerald Flemming) about the inspiration behind their songwriting and a life changing experience they had while living in Nashville pursuing their dreams.

Gerald and Allison also share 2 songs with us…

Where Are You Hiding Today (from their most recent album “The Beauty of the One”)

There is a Light at the End of the Tomb (from their album “How the Light Gets In”)

For more information check out InfinitelyMore.ca

Episode 58

Can you think of someone that brings you encouragement? How about someone that is draining? Do you know how people feel when you enter a room? In Episode 58, Jordan and Carly discuss the power of finding and being a great friend.

Dr. Merry joins us to talk about the how-to’s of pursuing healing. For more great content check out TheUnspokenConversation.ca/DrMerry

To conclude the episode, we feature “All I Need Is You” by Greg Sykes. For more information and inspiring music check out GregSykes.com

Episode 57

Words have power. To build up or tear down. To start relationships or end them. Sometimes we feel a conflict between honesty and kindness. Sometimes we wish we were better prepared for a conversation.

In Episode 57 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan talks to Eric Ames about the challenges of talking in today’s world. Here are some key points from their discussion:

(1) The Bible teaches to “speak the TRUTH in LOVE” and these compliment each other since if you love someone you will desire to speak truth. Also, without love true words are often not heard.

(2) Sometimes there is a difference between what I say and what people hear.

(3) If you want to have a platform, please be an informed speaker.

(4) While we value a society that affords us free speech, for the sake of effective communication and ongoing relationship it is often wise to self-censor.

They also talked about the process behind designing TheUnspokenConversation.ca/Guide

Episode 56

Have you ever had that feeling that there was something inside you that had to come out? That feeling or thought or emotion that is pressing on the door of your mouth to be released into the world? In Episode 56 of The Unspoken Conversation, Darcy Patrick returns to talk about his new book “Creative Writing for the Mind, Body and Soul”

To conclude the Episode, Sathiya joins Jordan to discuss the power of sharing positive affirmations with people in our lives.

For more information about Darcy check out DarcyPatrick.com or Episode 47.

For further conversation about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy check out Episode 50.

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