Episode 84

In today’s program, we feature two guests that share about what started as darkness became opportunities to help people.

Benjamin Lehew (NarrowGate.Space) talks about how he recovered from addiction and now leads a ministry seeking to help people break free from their addictions.

Sal then joins us to talk about how an accident caused him to develop Schizo Effective Disorder, how that affected his family relationships and how he now serves in the clinic that has been helping him for many years.

Jordan closes the program by talking about how we are not experts but rather fellow travellers on the journey. He explains why we need people to LEARN from, JOURNEY with and SUPPORT.

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Episode 83

“Bell Let’s Talk Day” is upon us and the reason our team believes it has such influence, is because it helps people break down the barriers of stigma in their own minds that often prevents open dialogue.

To help us guide this conversation, we will be going back into the archives to hear from three guests (Greg Musselman, Jeff Webb and Tim Arnold) that will share real life stories that we hope will inspire you to consider how you can grow your story through learning from others.

Sathiya Sam will also join us later with a new teaching about how people grow healthy bonds through times of trial.

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Episode 82

Have you ever had a traumatic experience you were afraid to share with others? Didn’t think they would believe you? Worried that something worse would happen? On today’s program, Derrick Herriott shares his story of being abused as a child and was told to keep it to himself.

He talks about how the secrecy not only harmed his inner life but also his future career, marriage and family. Later on Derrick tells us about the moment he decided to work through the pain in order to find healing and how rewarding that journey has been.

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Episode 81

Happy New Year! We start 2019 by sharing a powerful story that can serve as a reminder of how important it is to share our lives with other people. Laura Bailey grew up in a family that chose not to deal with the difficult matters of the heart and that brought much further pain to them. Laura now leads a ministry with the goal of helping people process their pain and work towards a better future (bethanycc.ca/need-support/celebrate-recovery).

Jordan also started the program by announcing our NEW schedule. Join us on Tuesdays for Inspiring stories and Trending topics. Join us on Fridays for short-form content designed to help you take your next step in life.

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Episode 80

Is it really the most wonderful time of the year? While the Christmas season brings joy to many there are still challenges to overcome. For some it is anxiety around money, while for others its seasonal affective disorder. In Episode 80 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Joel have an open conversation about their Christmas memories and strategies to find peace and joy during a challenging time.

It has been an honour to serve all of our listeners in 2018 and we look forward to great new content coming out in early 2019.

Episode 79

In seasons of darkness it is difficult to believe anything good about yourself. Even when respected loved ones are bringing words of encouragement. In Episode 79 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Joel discuss the power of embracing the positive truth about yourself. This is not to say that we don’t all have flaws or that we need to make things up but rather that embracing your process means both acknowledging the positive and working on the negative.

This conversation is inspired by an article “54 affirmations that will help you break free from anxiety and manifest the life you want” from ThoughtCatalogue.com (please note this is not an endorsement of this website, its owners or contributors).

Episode 78

Welcome to Episode 78 of The Unspoken Conversation where today we will be talking about Mental Health for the Next Generation. Jordan is joined by a Researcher, Simone Holligan, who focusses on Mental Health and Resilience in Youth and Emerging Adults. Coach Drew then closes the program by talking about how to coach your children in the areas of empathy and apology.

Episode 77

Welcome to Episode 77 of The Unspoken Conversation where today we will be talking about Balanced Living and Faith based Counselling. Our guest is Keith Verburg who works as Executive Director of Christian Counselling Centre in Southern Ontario. For more information check out: ChristianCounsellingCentre.ca

Episode 76

Have you ever felt like when you are talking to someone they aren’t listening but rather waiting and planning the next thing they would say? Would you feel more valued if you knew they were really listening? Do you want to honour your loved once with genuine listening? Today we feature Becky Harling, Author of “Listening so people will talk” to help us grow in the art of listening. Check out BeckyHarling.com for more information.

In order to listen well we need to do our best to remove distractions and to highlight that we feature the song “Simplify My Life” by Niagara-based Singer/Songwriter Tom Loewen.

Episode 74

No two people have the same finger print (not even identical twins) so we can all be sure that we are surrounded by people in our lives that are different in some way.

Coach Drew starts off the program by talking about how managing differences can help us work through challenge and find richness in our relationships.

Jeff Webb then joins us to talk about the Neuroscience of Empathy and how we can journey towards a greater expression of love and kindness to those around us.

Jordan and Joel conclude Episode 74 by discussing some self-care ideas when you are experiencing a difficult day.

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