Episode 9

This week we take a journey through three continents with our guest Liz Marshall as she tells us about her life and how she has spent much of it serving people around her.

To start off the episode Jordan and Carly discussed an article entitled “5 ways to help your partner if they suffer from Bipolar Disorder” by Nellie Eden of the London Evening Standard and reflected with Eric Ames about having a “Rear View Faith”

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Episode 8

In life we transition through many different rooms, some more pleasant than others. In Episode 8 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan talks to Annie Froese who serves as the Director of the Southridge Shelter in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Jordan also gives a review of the movie “Room” that serves as an analogy of transitioning through the challenges of life.

Episode 6

For some people, going to work is a place where you can forget your struggles, put your head down and get the tasks of the day completed.

This is not the case for Jordan’s guest Deane Proctor who serves as Lead Pastor of Queensway Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario and as a former Co-Host of Mind Matters, a podcast that focussed on breaking stigma for people who struggle with Mental Illness with a focus on the church.

Deane shares his story of dealing with depression while serving in a role where he felt his mind had to be alert to focus on other people’s problems.

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Episode 5

In episode 5 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and guest co-host Bonnie D’Elia (pearable.com) sits down with Ash-Lee Gibson to talk about her experience with an Eating Disorder. Jordan also reflects on attending an event this weekend with popular speaker Brett Ullman (brettullman.com) where he presented his talk on Mental Health entitled “The Walking Wounded”.

Episode 4

For the first couple weeks of this journey we have been introducing our on air team and now we conclude these introductions with Sathiya Sam. You are going to want to listen right to the end to hear about his life story and how he became passionate about helping people.

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Episode 3

We are now a week into this journey of Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts. It has been so encouraging to hear from so many of you that have been impacted by this new resource already.

This week Jordan speaks with Tom Loewen (Singer/Songwriter) about his song “Unspoken” that we also feature in this episode. Jordan then speaks with Tim Arnold (Outreach Director at Southridge Community Church) about a concept entitled “Seeing is Loving”

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Episodes 1&2

In honour of our first week of The Unspoken Conversation, we are releasing 2 episodes today.  We hope that you benefit from these first 2 episodes.  Leave a comment, share with friends, family and join us next week on The Unspoken Conversation.

Episode One starts off with Jordan Berta and Carly Loewen discussing what you the listeners can expect from each weekly episode, then Sathiya Sam interviews Jordan about his personal story and what lead to the launch of this podcast.



Episode Two features a conversation getting to know Carly Loewen as well as a commentary on how telling your story relates to the game of golf with Rick Ames.


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