Unplugged #1- Brewing Coffee

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Let’s take a moment to think about the steps to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. If you want the freshest cup, the first step is to grind the coffee beans. Next you put the grounds in a filter then into the machine. The last step is to press the button on the machine for the hot water to merge with the coffee beans to create the taste many so desire. This can be an accurate description of life situations as well. A mix of ground up circumstances filtered through ones emotions and the pressure of the daily grind effect all of us. If there is a coffee pot under the machine, all of these pieces can bring about positive change in our lives. If not there will be a big mess on the floor
to clean up.

In part one of Unplugged, Jordan shares the story of his first cup of coffee, explains how that relates to Mental Health and answers personal questions from our audience.

Episode 52

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Christmas is often referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” but sadly for many people this season is far from wonderful.

Episode 52 of The Unspoken Conversation features Dr. Merry talking about how to deal with challenges in our families of origin.

Jordan also interviews Kassandra Matthews about her experience providing spiritual care to seniors.

The Unspoken Team wishes all our listeners a Merry Christmas and we look forward to a New Year of programming on January 16, 2018.

Episode 51

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EXAMS. Just the word brings stress to many people. But what do we do? School is a very important part of life.

In Episode 51 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Carly talk about some of the causes behind school-related stress and how to practically work through it.

We also conclude by listening to “My Best To You” by Greg Sykes.

Episode 50

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Just like every building needs a strong foundation so does a healthy life.

In Episode 50 of The Unspoken Conversation, Sathiya shares with Jordan about an inner healing process he went through this past summer called “Restoring the Foundations”

Jordan also talks about a clinical approach he went through called “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”

Both of these processes have times where they are most effective and different approaches but the underlying goal is to replace the lies that we believe with the truth about the situation at hand.

Episode 49

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We all make mistakes in life, bringing hurt to the relationships that matter most. We wonder if restoration is possible. In Episode 49 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan talks to Dan Diggins about his life story that involves much forgiveness of both self and others. Dan also shares his song “Jesus My Friend” with us.

To end off the conversation, Jordan and Joel reflect on times in life when personal triggers cause us to say things that we wish we didn’t.

Regardless of what you have said and done in your life, our hope in this program is that you can see that change is possible. Yesterday doesn’t have to be tomorrow.

Episode 48

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Welcome to Episode 48 of The Unspoken Conversation. Jordan sits down with author and speaker Sherry Stahl about her life, family and mental health journey. We also feature the song “Water In My Desert” inspired by Sherry’s life, written and performed by Rachelle Fletcher.

For more information about Sherry go to SherryStahl.com

To end off this week’s program Jordan and Carly talk about hope being available to a loved one in their time of struggle.

Episode 47

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On Episode 47 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan interviews author and speaker Darcy Patrick about his journey with depression.

For more information about Darcy and his book “Why I Run” go to DarcyPatrick.com

Episode 46

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In life we will all have moments of being cared for and times of needing care from loved ones. How do I ask for help? How do I know if someone needs help? What is the best way to care for the person in need? How do I deal with the guilt of wishing I could do more?

These are all questions that Jordan, Carly, Dr. Merry and our guest Pastor Andrew Mills (from Bethany Community Church in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) discuss in Episode 46 of The Unspoken Conversation.

Episode 45

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Have you ever experienced something that brought so much fear you couldn’t move? Something that kept you online for hours trying to find answers?

In Episode 45 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Joel discuss the idea of Cybercondria, where people who spend large amounts of time looking up medical issues online as well as a deeper conversation on the broader topic of FEAR, something that affects all of us.

We also feature a song that Jordan wrote with Greg Sykes called “Hope Says Wait

*Today’s conversations are based on findings from the following articles:



Episode 44

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Have you ever done something you felt was unforgivable? Have you ever found yourself caught up in something where you needed someone else to rescue you from it? This has been the life of Jordan’s guest who shares how his life has been full of forgiveness and second chances.

We also feature a conversation with Jordan and Sathiya about how connection affects addiction and a song entitled “You Still Love Me” by Greg Sykes.

Episode 43

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Have you been abused by someone who should have kept you safe? Have you faced a loss so deep that it affects everyday of your life?

Sadly, Jordan’s guest Tammy Robinson says #MeToo to both of those questions.

Listen in on Episode 43 of The Unspoken Conversation to hear a story of both struggle and recovery.

Episode 42

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Happy 1 year anniversary to The Unspoken Conversation! It is an honour and pleasure to come on to your devices each week as we expand the conversation of Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts.

Jordan leads us through a look back into the archives of the podcast so far as well as highlights a NEW social media movement called #MeToo.

For further videos, discussion questions and resources be sure to check out mayfieldcounseling.com/metoo

We conclude Episode 42 with Tom Loewen’s song “Unspoken”

Episode 40

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Have you ever lost a loved one? How did you process grief? Many people say that grief has an impact on every part of their life.

In Episode 40, Jordan and Carly start off by talking about the physical effects of grief then Jordan sits down with David Vukovich to discuss his story including the loss of his father at age 14.

Episode 39

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Have you ever had a season of life where you felt overwhelmed? Too many responsibilities? When even the things you enjoy become challenging?

In Episode 39, Jordan sits down with Eric Ames to talk about his experience going through burnout and they discuss strategies to prevent it in the future.

We also feature the song “Apple of His Eye” from Sathiya Sam’s album “Deeper”

Episode 38

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Welcome back to The Unspoken Conversation. Jordan and team appreciated the summer break to rest and prepare for many more conversations about Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts.

To start off, Jordan and Joel talk about their summers and some Mental Health Facts.

Jordan then introduces a NEW monthly segment entitled “Moments with Dr. Merry

In the weeks and months to come we will be covering a variety of topics including Burnout, Autism, Grief, Counselling and Addiction.

Hot Topics #4 – Mental Health and Food

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We hope that you are all enjoying your summer. From time to time, Jordan and team have been releasing conversations on “hot topics” related to Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts.

Today, Jordan and Carly discuss how Food and a person’s diet affect their Mental Health.

Also be sure to check us out at Facebook.com/TheUnspokenConversation for updates when we return to weekly episodes in September.

Hot Topics #3 – The Shack

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We hope that you are all enjoying your summer. From time to time, Jordan and team have been releasing conversations on “hot topics” related to Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts.

Today, Jordan and Sathiya discuss the popular book and movie “The Shack”

Also be sure to check us out at Facebook.com/TheUnspokenConversation for updates when we return to weekly episodes in September.

Episode 37

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Are your days so full that your spirit is empty? Are you looking for a secret, quiet place to relieve yourself of the pressures of life? Do you feel bad about taking time off?

Tom Loewen wrote a song entitled “Simplify My Life” by answering some of these questions in his own life. Bonnie D’Elia has created a safe place to get away (Pearable.com). Jordan takes time to chat with both Tom and Bonnie about the importance of rest. Sathiya Sam also shares his song “Secret Place” with us.

Reflecting on our need to have seasons of rest, Jordan announces that we will be taking time off in July and August from producing weekly episodes. Be sure to catch up on episodes you have not heard, share with friends and stay in touch as we will release periodic conversations with Jordan and team discussing light-hearted “hot topics”

Episode 36

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Episode 36 of The Unspoken Conversation is a special one as for the first time our whole team has come together to answer the question “What is ONE thing you want the audience to know?”

We also feature a song (Without You by Sathiya Sam) and a story from one of our recent events.

For more information about our hosts for these events:
Pearable.com (Retreat Center)
HeritageCBS.com (Book Store and Cafe)

Episode 35

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Have you ever had a situation of great stress and grief where you also had to help someone else through the same thing? This was the situation that Sathiya’s guest Mike Meinema was in when the school grieved the loss of 2 students in one semester, one to cancer and one to suicide. Mike shares with us how this experience led him to a very positive career change.

Also on Episode 35, Carly concludes her series on the acronym PACE talking about Empathy.

Please note that Episode 36 will be released on June 20th.

Episode 33

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Welcome to Episode 33 of The Unspoken Conversation where Carly starts off by talking about Acceptance as part of our series on the acronym PACE. Jordan then shares an email that he received from someone that saw his interviews on the 700 Club Canada.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (cmha.ca) released a very informative article on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that inspired a conversation with Jordan and Joel.

We also featured great music by Tom Loewen (Unspoken) and Greg Sykes (My Best To You).

Episode 32

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Welcome to Episode 32 of The Unspoken Conversation. Carly starts off the Episode by talking about the acronym PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) as a way to communicate with people, especially those with Mental Struggles. We then focus the episode on Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness.


Sathiya shared with us 3 goals when working towards Emotional Intelligence:

(1) Protect Connection at All Costs

(2) Ask Questions, Don’t Assume

(3) Value and Validate Feelings


Jordan and his guest Deane Proctor (from the Mind Matters podcast) discuss 5 questions to consider about Emotional Intelligence:

(1) In a difficult situation, are you able to listen to someone else’s point of view and feelings, and respond without anger?

(2) Do you recognize when the dynamic of a situation has shifted based upon the way others are feeling in that environment?

(3) When you become aware of how another is feeling, do you have a great desire to meet that need?

(4) Are you willing to adjust to make changes to your communication or personality style to meet the needs of others?

(5) Do you regularly assess your emotional needs? Meaning, are you able to clearly identify how you feel with the ability to articulate that emotion in non-threatening ways to others?

Episode 31

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It’s hard to hate someone when you’re too busy being their friend. True words embodied by Jordan’s guest for Episode 31 of The Unspoken Conversation, Kevin Unger.

Kevin is a photographer and podcast host that shares his struggle with anxiety and depression as well as how acceptance and creativity are a core part of his process.

Jordan and Joel conclude the episode by talking about how to deal with the “pressures of passion”

If you missed Jordan’s interviews on the 700 Club Canada you can watch them here.

If there is a conversation that you need to have with a loved one on a challenging subject check out The Unspoken Conversation Guide.

To make sure to never miss an episode of The Unspoken Conversation be sure to subscribe to Email Updates.

Episode 29

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What does it mean to live holistically? Why is it important to give equal attention to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health? To answers these questions and more, take a listen to Sathiya Sam’s interview with his dad, Jeeva. If you would like more information from Jeeva, contact us and we will pass on his contact information to you.

Jordan and Joel start off the episode by sharing some thoughts about the cause and effect of Insomnia.

Jordan concludes Episode 29 by talking about our special week of programming for Mental Health Week. Check out TheUnspokenConversation.ca/Events for more information.

Episode 27

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Welcome to Episode 27 of The Unspoken Conversation. Many weeks our episodes feature an interview with a guest sharing their powerful life story, while others are discussions between Jordan and a member of our team.

This week features Jordan and Sathiya discussing the critical subject of Self Esteem. Please listen all the way through to hear personal life stories and reflections that bring out how important it is to maintain a high level of Self Esteem and learn what role humility has in that process.

Sathiya also shares the song “Apple of His Eye” from his album “Deeper”

Episode 26

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Episode 26 of The Unspoken Conversation is a very unique one! WOW! It has been such a great 6 months.

Zac and Josh Tiessen are brothers that have the uncommon status as prodigies, a medical reality that brings heightened mental focus and skill. Jordan discusses with them how they were discovered and some of the challenges along the way of starting successful careers in the arts at very young ages.

In addition to this interview, Jordan and Joel discuss the difference between Friendlies and True Friends as well as how to be creative during times of sadness and sickness.

We would love to continue the conversation both through our weekly episodes but also through our EVENTS. Check out our first 5 scheduled dates at theunspokenconversation.ca/events

Episode 24

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We live in a world of quick access to information and the truth is that this reality can be used in beneficial and harmful ways.

In Episode 24 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Carly start off by talking about some of the risks associated with living our lives online including co-dependency

Jordan then talks to Mike Meinema about how for him and his wife sharing their struggles with infertility and cancer online have brought healing to not only them but to others as well.

We end off Episode 24 with an encouraging song by Greg Sykes entitled “You Still Love Me” to remind us that no matter what we say, do or post that there is always a next step to take.

Episode 23

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Episode 23 of The Unspoken Conversation is a power-packed opportunity to expand the conversation of mental health, faith, community and the arts.

To start, Jordan and Joel announce our upcoming events (theunspokenconversation.ca/events) and discuss three terms that are important for us to clearly understand. Mental Health, Mental Disorder and Mental Struggle.

Sathiya then joins us to reflect on a study about Self Esteem and what life is like with (or without) it.

Later, Carly sits down with Jordan to share about her experience in the modelling industry and how it affected her mental health.

As always we hope to hear from you, through our website or Facebook Group. Whether you want to share your story or to host an event with our team please let us know.

For those of you that subscribe through our website, we apologize for an issue with our email system last week, if you missed if be sure to catch up on Episode 22 here.

Episode 22

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Jordan and Joel become myth busters and talk through numerous myths related to Mental Health and also discuss the real truth behind Mental Health.

We also feature a song entitled “Unspoken” by Niagara-based Artist Tom Loewen that talks about some conversations that are missing from our lives and others that we should not have.

Episode 21

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Do you remember a season of life when you needed a supporting community to walk with you? For many this is hard to find. Jordan talks with Jamie Reimer (Director of The Landing, Bethany Community Church) about how he is leading a support group for teenagers.

Rick Ames then talks to us about the word “NO” why we don’t want to hear it and why it is so important.

To close out Episode 21, Jordan talks to our new on air contributor Joel Puddicombe. Check out the bios for our on air team at theunspokenconversation.ca/hosts

We are also excited to announce 2 EVENTS in the Niagara Region, details can be found at theunspokenconversation.ca/events

Bonus Episode – 1,000 Download Celebration

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After much work and 19 episodes we have reached a MAJOR milestone 1,000 downloads. It is an honour to speak into the conversation of mental health, faith, community and the arts in this way.

This would not be possible without a great team…

Jordan Berta (Anchor and Executive Producer)
Carly Loewen (On Air Contributor)
Sathiya Sam (On Air Contributor)
Greg Sykes (Songwriter)
Brandon Vandendool (Music Producer)
Dan Perna (Music Producer)
Eric Ames (Media, On Air Segments, Content Writing and Editing)
Rick Ames (Media, On Air Segments, Content Writing and Editing)

…as well as fantastic guests and loyal listeners 🙂

To celebrate this milestone, in this bonus episode, Jordan speaks to what we have covered so far, some of where we are going and an article that can remind all of us the why.

Be sure to share theunspokenconversation.ca with family and friends. More to come. Stay tuned.

Episode 19

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Jordan becomes the guest in Episode 19 of The Unspoken Conversation as Sathiya interviews him about life as an introvert.

Jordan and Sathiya discuss how to figure out whether you are more introverted or extraverted. They also talk about how to structure your life to enhance your strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that this fits well with the theme of mental health as understanding yourself is the first step to a healthy life.

Episode 18

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Many people would consider public speaking to be a very anxiety inducing experience. Not for Scott Martin who openly shares his journey with anxiety as Co-Host of the Mind Matters podcast alongside Pastor Deane Proctor.

Deane was recently featured on Faith Today Magazine and 100 Huntley Street. Both of those appearances are available: http://www.stephenjbedard.com/2017/01/26/pastoring-combatting-mental-illness/

Episode 18 also features Eric Ames talking about an experience he had speaking to someone about the three questions to ask when deciding whether or not to share their story.

If you want to have stronger conversations with friends and family about mental health, theunspokenconversation.ca/guide is a great place to start.

Episode 17

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We all have relationships, some with people like us and others with people not like us. The people around us will also need our support from time to time.

Jordan first speaks to his grandmother (Maria Berta) as well as returning guest Annie Froese about relating to people of different generations. Carly joins us to reflect on her relationships both in the highs and lows of life with her grandmothers.

Pastor Jeeva Sam then joins us to talk about his approach to visiting people in the hospital.

Episode 16

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1 in 5 Canadians will struggle with mental health this year. Many suffer silently, which means there’s a lot of conversations going unspoken. Sharing and openness can invite healing and restoration, but it can only happen within a trusting, safe environment and relationship. If you know there’s an unspoken conversation between you and a close friend or family member, we want to help. We’ve provided a simple guide to help you welcome that unspoken conversation. It’s free for download; theunspokenconversation.ca/guide

To hear more about the story and heart behind The Unspoken Conversation Guide, take a listen to Jordan speaking with his mother (Stacey Mori) about the importance of these conversations.

Episode 15

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To start off Episode 15 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Carly talk about “Trigger Days” like “Blue Monday” and how we can respond to them.

Jordan then speaks to a Comedian, Cartoonist and Mental Health Advocate. To learn more about Harrison’s work check out HarrisonWheeler.ca

We also featured a song written by Jordan Berta and Greg Sykes entitled “Hope Says Wait”

For a Music Video go to TheUnspokenConversation.ca/Hope-Says-Wait

Episode 14

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In Episode 14 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and Sathiya discuss a spiritual approach to mending a broken heart or it could also be referred to as inner healing. Sathiya also shares the song “Apple of His Eye” from his debut album Deeper. The whole album is available on iTunes.

Kenny Hildebrand joins us again to further discuss implementing self care strategies to his life.

Episode 13

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Happy New Year! We are honoured to have you joining us for the first episode of 2017.

Kenny Hildebrand is someone that is a very kind, fun, passionate and positive person that also has dealt with a deep struggle with depression that he shares with Jordan.

Maybe you are someone that deals with seasonal depression or this is a 365 day per year struggle, either way, we believe that Kenny has something for you.

Episode 12

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For the last episode before Christmas we decided to talk about 2 songs people struggle to hear. Jordan, Carly and Sathiya discuss Conflict Resolution, Social Anxiety, Grief and Seasonal Depression as it relates to these Christmas songs.

While our next NEW episode will go live January 3rd, we encourage you all to take time this holiday season to catch up on our first 12 episodes, subscribe and share with friends.

Merry Christmas!!

Episode 11

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For the past couple months it has been an honour to weekly release new episodes of The Unspoken Conversation. It has been great to see our audience grow and we look forward to many more episodes that we hope expand the conversation of Mental Health, Faith, Community and the Arts.

Jordan speaks to Josh Hageman (Lead Pastor, Kingsview Community Church) about his life long struggle with anxiety and how his faith has inspired him to pray for a change of heart not circumstance.

We also feature Greg Sykes’ (Singer/Songwriter) song “He Will Rescue Us” at the end of the Episode.

Episode 9

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This week we take a journey through three continents with our guest Liz Marshall as she tells us about her life and how she has spent much of it serving people around her.

To start off the episode Jordan and Carly discussed an article entitled “5 ways to help your partner if they suffer from Bipolar Disorder” by Nellie Eden of the London Evening Standard and reflected with Eric Ames about having a “Rear View Faith”

Also, if you have not done so already, take some time today to check out Jordan’s new single at theunspokenconversation.ca/hope-says-wait

Episode 8

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In life we transition through many different rooms, some more pleasant than others. In Episode 8 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan talks to Annie Froese who serves as the Director of the Southridge Shelter in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Jordan also gives a review of the movie “Room” that serves as an analogy of transitioning through the challenges of life.

“Hope Says Wait” A Song Story

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We are excited to announce the release of a single featuring Jordan Berta entitled Hope Says Wait. A simple yet profound statement, when we are hoping for something we are recognizing that it has not yet come to be. The title came to Jordan in the summer of 2015 and he later partnered with Integrity Music Songwriter Greg Sykes to pen the lyrics for this song.


Episode 6

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For some people, going to work is a place where you can forget your struggles, put your head down and get the tasks of the day completed.

This is not the case for Jordan’s guest Deane Proctor who serves as Lead Pastor of Queensway Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario and as a Co-Host of Mind Matters, a podcast also focussed on breaking stigma for people who struggle with Mental Illness with a focus on the church.

Deane shares his story of dealing with depression while serving in a role where he felt his mind had to be alert to focus on other people’s problems.

Also, we are excited to launch a new subscription feature below so that you can be notified by email every time a new episode is released.

Episode 5

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In episode 5 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan and guest co-host Bonnie D’Elia (pearable.com) sits down with Ash-Lee Gibson to talk about her experience with an Eating Disorder. Jordan also reflects on attending an event this weekend with popular speaker Brett Ullman (brettullman.com) where he presented his talk on Mental Health entitled “The Walking Wounded”.

Episode 4

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For the first couple weeks of this journey we have been introducing our on air team and now we conclude these introductions with Sathiya Sam. You are going to want to listen right to the end to hear about his life story and how he became passionate about helping people.

Your comments and shares are much appreciated.

Episode 3

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We are now a week into this journey of Mental Health, Faith and Community. It has been so encouraging to hear from so many of you that have been impacted by this new resource already.

This week Jordan speaks with Tom Loewen (Singer/Songwriter) about his song “Unspoken” that we also feature in this episode. Jordan then speaks with Tim Arnold (Outreach Director at Southridge Community Church) about a concept entitled “Seeing is Loving”

Your comments and shares are much appreciated.

Episodes 1&2

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In honour of our first week of The Unspoken Conversation, we are releasing 2 episodes today.  We hope that you benefit from these first 2 episodes.  Leave a comment, share with friends, family and join us next week on The Unspoken Conversation.

Episode One starts off with Jordan Berta and Carly Loewen discussing what you the listeners can expect from each weekly episode, then Sathiya Sam interviews Jordan about his personal story and what lead to the launch of this podcast.



Episode Two features a conversation getting to know Carly Loewen as well as a commentary on how telling your story relates to the game of golf with Rick Ames.