Episode 97

Every church will have people that deal with mental illness in one way or another, so it is very important to create a safe environment for all people. How can this be done? Amy Simpson (our guest from Episode 60) provides a list of “15 Things Churches Can Do to Help with Mental Illness” (an excerpt from her book “Troubled Minds”). Even if you are not a leader in your specific church, this is an important conversation to have since the church in the truest sense is a collection of Christ followers, all of whom can do the things on this list.

Here are the 15 key points:
1. Get help if you’re struggling.
2. Tell your story.
3. Get educated.
4. Destigmatize.
5. Talk about mental illness.
6. Encourage relationships.
7. Ask what you can do to help.
8. Be present.
9. Radiate acceptance.
10. Be patient.
11. Help with practical needs.
12. Draw boundaries and stick to them.
13. Know when you are in over your head.
14. Use resources.
15. Start a support group.

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