Solid Over Sand

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a blog written by Jennifer Lynn

So, just to let you in on a little secret, one of the challenges of being a writer is distractions. Or should I say, trying to find ways to NOT be distracted. People think that you just sit around writing all day and that it just flows out of you with the ease of just turning on a faucet. Not so my friends, not so. Now, to be honest there are days like that and we’re a fan of those days. Where the words just flow freely without breaking a sweat. Then there are days where you want to pull your hair out (and throw your laptop out the window) because that blank white page on your laptop is staring back at you, just mocking you while you try to rack your brain about how to start or finish just one sentence. As if that wasn’t maddening enough, your brain then starts throwing the most random thoughts at you and you have to be careful not to allow yourself to spiral down the never ending rabbit hole of over thinking or get caught up in power cleaning your home.

And speaking of never ending rabbit holes, ladies and gentlemen, the internet! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to reign myself back in from random Google searches, YouTube music videos and Instagram scrolling. Some writing days are better than others. And once I get on a roll I’m usually pretty good at staying with it until that wave of inspiration is done.

One of the things that I can get distracted by and thoroughly enjoy might I add, is looking at youtube videos of people giving a tour of their closets. You know, the closets that are immaculately kept with plush carpeting, tons of cute storage space to show off your shoes, jewelry and rows of hanging clothes. It pretty much resembles a mini boutique rather than a ratty old hole in the wall they “call” a closet. (Like what I have at the moment *le sigh*) I also like to look at homes I can’t currently afford. Specifically old farm houses since that is my dream home. Some people want mansions and posh penthouses. I want a house in the country. One of those old farm houses that were built 100 years ago. Hard wood floors, fireplaces, covered wrap around porch (for my porch swing, of course), banister staircase, white country kitchen separate from the dining room etc. You get the drift. And yes I’ve had a lot of time to think about it so I know exactly what I want; can you tell?

The houses they build today aren’t quite the same like they used to be. One of the reasons why I love the older homes is because they have a lot more character and also a lot more care seemed to go into building them. The materials used. The fine details. You can tell that they took the time to ensure it was built not only beautifully but correctly. Those older brick farmhouses from 100 years ago are able to withstand a tougher beating from the weather compared to the houses they build today. Have you ever watched a house being built now a days?

In my neighbourhood they are currently building a row of townhouses. I don’t have television or Netflix so it’s become part of my entertainment. Every once in a while I take a peek a see how they’re doing. Watching these few men put these houses together reminds me of how we used to glue popsicle sticks together back in grade school. At the moment they are working on the “foundation”. And I use that term loosely in this case because it doesn’t seem all that “foundation-y”. From what I can tell, there are no basements. Just built on the dirt and the sticks and sheets of plywood that are sticking up off the ground. They’ve already had to scratch what they had and start over again. We had a couple days of really heavy rain and it ruined everything. They had to scrap the plywood and get rid of more dirt and start all over. I honestly feel bad for anyone that will be buying and living in these houses. I don’t think it will be able to withstand much of anything. And they most likely won’t be standing 100 years from now.

The thing with anything put together so quickly and/or cheaply, is that at first sight, you can’t tell the difference between something of real value and something cheap. When the houses are fully finished I’m sure they’ll look really nice with all new appliances, flooring, cabinets, paint etc. But over time, the lack of a solid foundation will start to show through and will create problems down the road. The really expensive kind.

It’s the same thing when you compare a diamond with a cubic zirconia stone. Putting the two side by side, most people with an untrained eye can’t tell the difference. Until you submerge them both in water. Over time, one will remain the same and the other will turn your skin green because while they are both shiny at first glance, only one of them is made from lasting material. The other is just cheaply coated with something temporary that gets stripped away over time.

So, what are you made of? What are you built on?

What we build our lives with matters. It will affect everything else around us. Our relationships, our time, our finances, our habits etc. It all stems from what kind of foundation we started out with. And in the world we live in today, this obsession we have with social media, sometimes it can be difficult to discern the real from the fake. Something that is truly solid verses something that merely appears solid but is actually falling apart. One crack in the foundation is all it takes to eventually bring the entire house down.

The Bible gives many examples and refers many times to God being a rock, a cornerstone, a firm foundation; something we can build our lives on that will stand the test of time. Jesus gives his most famous example of this in Matthew 7 when He talks about someone who builds a house on sand rather than on a rock. In both cases, the storms of life come and beat against the house and in the end, the house that was build on sand was destroyed whereas the house that was built on the rock is still standing.

As a Christian, Jesus is my rock. The cornerstone that I try to build everything else upon. But just because He is my foundation doesn’t mean that storms don’t come. Just like in this story, the storms of life are guaranteed to come. Because life isn’t always sunshine and roses or pretty all the time. But when it matters the most, after the storm is over, the important thing is that I’m still standing. And the same can be for you too when we build every aspect of our lives on the firm foundation of Jesus rather than the sandy and unstable foundation of this world. It’s something that I am still learning and growing in but I’ve definitely come a long way.

At this point in my life, I’m no longer impressed with things I used to be impressed with. They might look good at first sight but I’ve learned my lesson and now realize that in order for something to last, you have to get past that and do some real inspecting to make sure the foundation is solid before making any decisions. Otherwise, that’s gonna be a problem down the road. And I’ve already had plenty of those. Problems that is. I don’t want to be like Jay-Z with 99 problems. I don’t have the time nor the patience so peace out. I’m going for solid over sand in my life.