Dead Weight

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a blog written by Jennifer Lynn

So, I cut my hair. It was my birthday recently and I cut my hair, by quite a few inches. I also went really blonde. Every year around my birthday I seem to go through a “life crisis” of sorts and feel the need to do something different or drastic. And since I don’t really go out and “celebrate” my birthday, no parties or get togethers etc, I usually feel compelled to celebrate myself since I know I’m the only one who will. And besides, I do feel that it is very important not to wait for others to celebrate you…get your own party started, ya know?

I’ve always had the impression that long hair was more beautiful than short. Or that somehow having long hair made me more feminine or attractive to others. I’ve thought in the past that if I cut my hair short that I would look or feel like a boy or that I would lose that feminine or “woman” part of me. The problem is that I wasn’t born with beautiful hair. I don’t have long, thick gorgeous, luscious locks that men go crazy over. I can grow my hair long but after awhile it just starts to get thin and stringy and it doesn’t have any shape or fullness to it whatsoever. I’ve always hated my hair.

Ideally you’re supposed to get regular trims every few months or so. I’ve gone months or even years without cutting my hair, trying to grow it out long. The problem with that is after awhile you start to get split ends. And because I don’t have thick hair, the weight of me trying to grow it long just kinda makes it hang there, lifeless and unhealthy. It just ends up being dead weight.

The first time I cut my hair super short into a pixie cut was just a few years ago. I was frustrated with my hair that day and it was also really humid outside which made it worse. I got so fed up I called up my hairstylist and begged her to just chop it off that night and to do it quickly before I changed my mind. After I got home, with far less hair than when I had left a few hours earlier, I looked in the mirror. Part of me was really happy with the result and another part of me wanted to cry because of all the hair that I lost. In the end I knew that my hair was healthier but it was still a big step for me in letting go of what I thought looked good but really wasn’t. Having to let go of the mindset that I have to have beautiful, long, thick hair in order to be feminine. Coming to terms with the fact that I will never be one of those women. That keeping my hair on the shorter side and/or getting regular trims to get rid of the dead weight is the best thing for the over all health of my hair. And it looks better too.

Why was I hanging onto all that dead weight? Why was I so comfortable with something that was unhealthy? We can become comfortable with something and not even realize at times that it has become a detriment to us. To our health. Our growth. To our belief system or mindsets which in turn form our habits and choices etc. It can lead to us hanging on to something we know isn’t healthy or maybe even at one point we were free but then for whatever reason we went back to that dead thing, thinking that it was going to be different.

It has taken me a long time to realize that when something is dead, to let it go. And equally as important, that more often than not, when we hang on to dead things, we aren’t free to grab ahold of something new. We think that what we have is “pretty good” or “ it is what it is”, not realizing that God has something better. But only if we let go.

Jesus illustrates this in John chapter 15 where He talks about Him being the vine and we are the branches. In order to produce good fruit, we have to be willing to be pruned. To get rid of the dead weight. It’s not always pretty and sometimes it can hurt but the end result is a healthier tree and better, more delicious fruit. Trading in one thing for another. Something better. But it starts with us doing the hard stuff first. We have to be willing to get uncomfortable. Walking away from choices, habits, relationships; anything that is weighing us down. Anything that isn’t producing good fruit.

You can’t wish for one thing while still holding on to something else. Out with the old, in with the new. And it applies to everything in our lives. Our spiritual health, physical, mental, emotional, financial. Even our dreams and goals. When we want to chase after something, we need to lay aside everything that isn’t that. Sometimes that means that God has to light a fire under our butts to get things going. This past year He’s definitely done that. I literally have nothing left to lose at this point so I’m just going for it. And a woman with nothing left to lose, and a new haircut, is a force to be reckoned with.