Episode 70

Welcome to Episode 70 of The Unspoken Conversation, today Jordan and Sathiya will discuss the power of separating our ideas (faith beliefs, lifestyle, political opinions) from our identity (as unique as a finger print) and how important this is to fostering healthy relationships.

When the goal of a relationship is commonality, it can easily become bland and one-dimensional. We become unable to relate with other people who have something valuable to add to our lives. While in contrast, acknowledging and celebrating our differences can lead to vibrant relationships.

A solid identity allows us to relate and connect with people who have different opinions. It means that even though we disagree or don’t see eye-to-eye, we can still love each other and find ways to relate. Sathiya shares a song he wrote entitled “Apple of His Eye” to demonstrate how important it is to find identity in the right place. Finally we discuss the importance of humility in our lives.