Episode 57

Words have power. To build up or tear down. To start relationships or end them. Sometimes we feel a conflict between honesty and kindness. Sometimes we wish we were better prepared for a conversation.

In Episode 57 of The Unspoken Conversation, Jordan talks to Eric Ames about the challenges of talking in today’s world. Here are some key points from their discussion:

(1) The Bible teaches to “speak the TRUTH in LOVE” and these compliment each other since if you love someone you will desire to speak truth. Also, without love true words are often not heard.

(2) Sometimes there is a difference between what I say and what people hear.

(3) If you want to have a platform, please be an informed speaker.

(4) While we value a society that affords us free speech, for the sake of effective communication and ongoing relationship it is often wise to self-censor.

They also talked about the process behind designing TheUnspokenConversation.ca/Guide