Unplugged #1: Brewing Coffee

Let’s take a moment to think about the steps to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. If you want the freshest cup, the first step is to grind the coffee beans. Next you put the grounds in a filter then into the machine. The last step is to press the button on the machine for the hot water to merge with the coffee beans to create the taste many so desire. This can be an accurate description of life situations as well. A mix of ground up circumstances filtered through ones emotions and the pressure of the daily grind effect all of us. If there is a coffee pot under the machine, all of these pieces can bring about positive change in our lives. If not there will be a big mess on the floor
to clean up.

In part one of Unplugged, Jordan shares the story of his first cup of coffee, explains how that relates to Mental Health and answers personal questions from our audience.