Episode 32

Welcome to Episode 32 of The Unspoken Conversation. Carly starts off the Episode by talking about the acronym PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) as a way to communicate with people, especially those with Mental Struggles. We then focus the episode on Emotional Intelligence and Self Awareness.


Sathiya shared with us 3 goals when working towards Emotional Intelligence:

(1) Protect Connection at All Costs

(2) Ask Questions, Don’t Assume

(3) Value and Validate Feelings


Jordan and his guest Deane Proctor (formerly from the Mind Matters podcast) discuss 5 questions to consider about Emotional Intelligence:

(1) In a difficult situation, are you able to listen to someone else’s point of view and feelings, and respond without anger?

(2) Do you recognize when the dynamic of a situation has shifted based upon the way others are feeling in that environment?

(3) When you become aware of how another is feeling, do you have a great desire to meet that need?

(4) Are you willing to adjust to make changes to your communication or personality style to meet the needs of others?

(5) Do you regularly assess your emotional needs? Meaning, are you able to clearly identify how you feel with the ability to articulate that emotion in non-threatening ways to others?