Bonus Episode – 1,000 Download Celebration

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After much work and 19 episodes we have reached a MAJOR milestone 1,000 downloads. It is an honour to speak into the conversation of mental health, faith, community and the arts in this way.

This would not be possible without a great team…

Jordan Berta (Anchor and Executive Producer)
Carly Loewen (On Air Contributor)
Sathiya Sam (On Air Contributor)
Greg Sykes (Songwriter)
Brandon Vandendool (Music Producer)
Dan Perna (Music Producer)
Eric Ames (Media, On Air Segments, Content Writing and Editing)
Rick Ames (Media, On Air Segments, Content Writing and Editing)

…as well as fantastic guests and loyal listeners 🙂

To celebrate this milestone, in this bonus episode, Jordan speaks to what we have covered so far, some of where we are going and an article that can remind all of us the why.

Be sure to share with family and friends. More to come. Stay tuned.