Episodes 1&2

In honour of our first week of The Unspoken Conversation, we are releasing 2 episodes today.  We hope that you benefit from these first 2 episodes.  Leave a comment, share with friends, family and join us next week on The Unspoken Conversation.

Episode One starts off with Jordan Berta and Carly Loewen discussing what you the listeners can expect from each weekly episode, then Sathiya Sam interviews Jordan about his personal story and what lead to the launch of this podcast.



Episode Two features a conversation getting to know Carly Loewen as well as a commentary on how telling your story relates to the game of golf with Rick Ames.


2 Responses

  1. Tom

    This is awesome! I am so proud of you Jordan and team

  2. Terri-Lea

    Hi Jordan and Team!

    I signed up to the podcast through Bethany CC in St. Catharines as my 24 year old daughter is experiencing this very subject. My intention for listening to the podcast was to hear what she would hear. This will definitely be shared with her and I will do all I can do to encourage her to listen to it. However, she has a huge plexiglass wall up and usually my words of encouragement are not received as intended.
    In the meantime, a family friend who is a Doctor, Pastor (wife) – they have a son about the same age experience mental health as well. This will be forwarded to them and perhaps it will be helpful for their son to hear….something other than from his Pastor Parents!
    Looking forward to episodes 2 & 3. Blessings.